Our Story

“At the heart of our organisation, we are qualified teachers who love to teach.”

Katie O’Donoghue, Education Specialist

Who We Are

TEFL.Guide is a growing educational community with a passion to train and support teachers to become role models around the world; travelling and inspiring. At the heart of our organisation, we are qualified teachers who love to teach.
We are a community of teachers with a range of experiences, wanting to share our knowledge, expertise and resources with those wishing to move into the profession. No matter what age, what experience you have had and no matter where you want to teach English, we are here to fully support you all the way. That is why we have dedicated, fully qualified teachers to answer all of your questions and guide you through our TEFL course and to future job opportunities.

Why TEFL.Guide?

Our aim is to not only help you gain your TEFL qualification so you can apply and work abroad as an English Teacher, but also to make sure you are prepared to actually teach abroad.
More often that not, teachers will take an online TEFL course, head to their a new country and be completely overwhelmed with how to teach, how to plan a lesson, how to assess children so they can make progress with their English language. Our courses are designed to teach you each element of teaching abroad, ensuring that you are ready to apply for a job and start your new life abroad by the end of your TEFL course.